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Stress is necessary, frightening and can be painful. Both good is some ways and terribly bad for your health in others. I’m fortunate at the moment in so many ways but stressed like a branch about to break. Here’s a list of matters causing this high level of stress.

  • All aspects of my elderly father’s care, or lack of, within the aged care home he resides. Dealing with the sporadic medical oversight provided by the range of hard working, yet seemingly ill prepared employees and management. A lack of communication from those that should and do, know better. Well intentioned yet very frustrating non English speaking employees, most with an extraordinary level of enthusiasm. Trying to coordinate the inefficiency of Doctors, Hospital systems and transport for his upcoming plastic surgery. His dreadful personality (held for a lifetime), his level of dementia and mobility issues. I’ve been estranged from him for near 50 years and suddenly I’m involved in his life, certainly not something I’d planned for my retirement.

  • Moving back in with my wife after her heavy fall that resulted in a shattering of her left elbow. She is left handed to make it even worse. Complicated surgery apparently applied screws and plates to repair it. Next to no detail provided on the day but hopefully it will be provided with a check on the surgery success at our follow up visit.

  • Standing at my front door waving money about and failing to attract trades people to give it to. A ridiculous situation. While here with my wife I’ve realised that there are a number of things that need doing. The back fence needs replacing, a garden bed needs to be concreted over, a wardrobe shelf needs reinforcing and a reworking applied to the front door. The fence is a reasonably urgent need. I fill in form, send emails and receive no reply. Nothing. They obviously don’t need my business, so they won’t get it. I have a need for the fence itself, a scrapping of dirt / mulch and debris from the site so it doesn’t sit against the new one. Of course I need a skip to take it away. Communication with the neighbours seeking shared costs. Three thousand sms, emails and online quote forms. A stress trigger big time.

  • I don’t want to elaborate on my plumbing needs, other than to say it’ll be expensive.

That’s all for now, there is more but I have to have some sense of mystery. Not much but some. I’ll find a way to destress without it becoming stressful.

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