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Hettie pulling on the lead

Well I’ve just returned from a tortuous exercise session. Getting mad, being dragged and completely ignored by Hettie, who I used to think was my lovely puppy dog. She is incredibly excited, stubborn and so keen to play. She just wants to drag me for nearly an hour around the block.

My wife and I paid hard earned cash money to a dog trainer and they’ve tried to convince me that Hettie is going well and walking fine, waiting at any door for the human to go first and other behavioural issues.

Bullshit I say, she’s crazy, untrained, uncooperative and a living nightmare to walk. If the only interaction is me get mad, yelling and chastising the poor dog, the walking won’t continue. Everyone states with pride “reward good behaviour”, but what if there is none, how do you stop bad without getting mad and bad yourself.

So, I have to find some online dog training videos and change up the behaviour. Here’s some excellent advice from pawtracks to get me going. Sadly Step 2 is where find myself at the moment.

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