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This will be the starting point for the thoughts.

City of Gold Coast (Council)

I keep asking the City of Gold Coast (Council) to modify / correct their meeting agenda and decor. It goes on.

Print on Demand Newbie

I have recently dabbled in, and since left, the world of Print on Demand, first with Shopify, Teepublic and Spreadshirt.

I have to complain

As I've got older I've perfected a wide range of curmudgeonly behaviours. I have to complain.


Stress is necessary, frightening and can be painful. Both good is some ways and terribly bad for your health in others.

Hettie pulling on the lead

Well I've just returned with Hettie from a tortuous exercise session. Getting mad, dragged and completely ignored.

Television News

I've been fortunate to have a few years or more working in news on radio and television in Australia. I now yell at the TV.

Some photos

Here's a random collection of photos. Reason = none, with more to come.

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