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The place for some thoughts

This is Happy Belly, a place that might leave you with that Happy Belly feeling. I hope so, it does me. A place with some of my random thoughts. I’ve decided that these thoughts should grow in a different location from

It's me peaking at you from the edge of the frame.

Most of the time I’ll have a serious rant, an explanation of my surprise and reveal shock and disbelief at what I see around me. Now that I’ve plenty of time, I waste it watching loads of TV. Youtube, Disney, Paramount Plus, Netflix, Apple Tv, Amazon Prime, Stan along with local digital offerings ABC iView and SBS On Demand.

I’ve lot’s of thinking to do and even though I can’t type or spell, I’ve some writing to do. Maybe some reviews, views and reactions to the mountain of material I watch now and in the past. Much of it loved, some endured and some screamed at. The screaming is sometimes quite loud and always well thought out. People have always asked over the years of my tapping, scribbling and stumbling about on tbaoo & mysillywriting:

  • Do you know what you’re doing? – No.
  • Do you make any money out of it? – No.
  • Does anyone other than you actually read it? – No.
  • Will you keep writing and fiddling about with these sites? – Yes

So, I’ll keep going, some ranting, some laughing, jiggling my Happy Belly, all while complaining …

Some examples of my easily triggered annoyance are found at here at: “I have to Complain” although I’ve endured much more in addition and will get round to detailing them soon. Firstly Dodo Mobile support stated as they had no idea as to how to resolve my issue, suggested I find someone who could. I did and took my Electricity, NBN and three (3) Mobile Phones elsewhere. Thanks for the suggestion!

You can find more of my nonsense at Mastodon Ⓒ Alan Crawford 2024 ~ All Rights Reserved